Explore Estonia: The 10 Best Hotels for a Luxurious Stay

Explore Estonia: The 10 Best Hotels for a Luxurious Stay

Explore Estonia: The 10 Best Hotels for a ‌Luxurious Stay

Estonia is quickly becoming one⁣ of ⁢Europe’s most sought-after holiday destinations. From the country’s stunning nature and vibrant culture to its welcoming people, Estonia⁢ has‌ something exciting for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious stay ​in a modern city ⁣or in the countryside, here are the top 10 hotels in⁢ Estonia to consider.

1. Hotel Telegraaf

This award-winning hotel is⁤ located in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town. Combining old-world charm with modern amenities, the Hotel⁢ Telegraaf is the ideal 21st-century hotel. Luxurious rooms feature artful decor,‍ free Wi-Fi, and even private terraces with​ panoramic views‌ of the city.

2. Schlössle ​Hotel

Built in the 14th century, the Schlössle Hotel is a luxury boutique ‌hotel in the historic center of Tallinn. Enjoy⁢ stunning views over Toompea Hill and the old ​city from the hotel’s terrace. Get comfortable in one of the hotel’s elegant‍ rooms, each featuring antique furniture ‍and ⁣modern amenities.

3. Luxury Hotel Millitar Hall

The Luxury Hotel ​Millitar Hall is a modern 5-star hotel located in the heart of Tallinn. The hotel’s classic design and elegant rooms are perfect for a romantic getaway. Enjoy a⁣ meal at the hotel’s upscale gourmet restaurant or‌ relax in the luxurious spa and sauna.

4. St. Petersbourg Hotel

This elegant hotel is ⁤located in the heart ⁣of Tartu, Estonia’s second-largest city. St. Petersbourg Hotel boasts luxurious rooms and suites decorated with antique furniture and modern amenities. Guests can‍ enjoy the indoor ‌pool or relax ‍in the hotel’s sauna and spa.

5. Talon Mööbel

Located in an 18th-century manor, Talon Mööbel is a ​luxury hotel set among the wooded hills of Lahemaa National Park. The ⁣hotel ‌features luxury accommodations and an indulgent spa. Enjoy delicious meals from the restaurant or relax in the sauna.

6. Hotel Ulemiste

This ⁣4-star hotel is located in the heart of Tallinn, just 20 minutes from the‌ airport. Hotel Ulemiste offers modern and comfortable rooms, with soft ‌bedding and contemporary design. Have‌ a ​delicious meal at the hotel’s restaurant or relax in the spa and sauna.

7. Seaplane Harbour Hotel

This boutique hotel is‍ located in a‍ historic seaplane hangar in the untouched Lahemaa National Park. Enjoy magnificent views of‍ the ocean ⁣and nearby Russia from the hotel’s terrace.​ Relax in one⁤ of the hotel’s stylish rooms, featuring modern amenities and comfortable bedding.

8. Laulasmaa Spa ‌& Hotel

Laulasmaa Spa & Hotel is ⁣situated on a ⁣scenic white sand beach. Enjoy‍ the comforts ⁣of home, with luxurious accommodations and spa treatments. Dine ⁤in‌ one ⁤of the resort’s excellent restaurants or enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool.

9. Sokos Hotel Viru

This 4-star hotel is located ⁣in tallinn’s old town. Guests can enjoy⁣ a wide range of services and amenities,​ including restaurants, a fitness center and sauna. Relax in the hotel’s rooms, which feature modern amenities and comfortable beds.

10. Hotel Apollo

The Hotel Apollo is ‌located in the heart of Tallinn. The hotel’s modern rooms feature stylish decor and comfortable beds. Enjoy a meal at the hotel’s​ restaurant ⁤or relax in the ⁤sauna.

Estonia is an ideal destination for a luxurious stay. From the⁤ old charm of its cities to its stunning countryside, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes ⁤to a luxurious stay. Whether you’re looking for an⁢ indulgent spa experience or⁢ a ⁣romantic getaway, one of these top 10 hotels in Estonia won’t disappoint.

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