The area“Exploring the Unspoiled Natural Beauty of Comoros: The Top 10 Travel Destinations

The area“Exploring the Unspoiled Natural Beauty of Comoros: The Top 10 Travel Destinations

Once only an obscure​ part of the African continent, the islands of Comoros are now one of the top 10 tourist ⁤destinations. Comoros is an archipelago situated at the northern⁤ edge ⁢of the Indian Ocean sandwiched between East​ Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

With its paradisiacal beaches, beautiful bays, thick jungle-covered peaks, rich culture‍ and​ an unspoiled ⁤natural⁣ environment, it‍ is easy to understand​ why⁤ Comoros has become a ‍favorite holiday destination for nature-lovers. Here are the top 10 places to visit in this beautiful country‌ that ‍you must experience on ⁢your next holiday.

1. Grand Mosque of Moroni: It is the grandest mosque⁣ of Comoros; a stunningly beautiful building, made up of⁣ all-white marble and intricately carved ivory‍ columns,​ a red roof and a four-leveled minaret.‌ Inside, the painted and⁢ sculpted walls and ceilings ⁢feature carved stone glass and cover more intricate carvings.

2.‌ Mt. Karthala: ⁣This is the ‍highest mountain in Comoros, an active volcano ‌that stands at 2,361 meters above⁣ sea level. It is a favorite of adventurous hikers, offering spectacular views of the ‌surrounding islands and ‍a closeup of the mountain’s crater.

3. Beaches of Mutsamudu: Known for its white sandy ‌beach, the small fishing village of⁢ Mutsamudu benefits from its location on⁣ the ⁢banks‍ of ⁤a ⁤coral lagoon. Perfect for swimming,⁣ the pristine waters‍ of the lagoon are calm and inviting.

4. King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center: This is one of the most important sites of Islamic education in Comoros, as ⁣it hosts several courses ‍on Islamic topics and universities open to all students. Built to honor the memory of King ⁣Fahd, this⁣ religious ​settlement is open to all visitors.

5. Combani Forest: Combani Forest is a spectacularly lush protected rainforest covering​ more ‌than 5,000 acres ‍on the slopes of Mt. Karthala. With a wide⁣ variety of flora and fauna, this forest is a paradise for ​nature lovers.

6. Galawa Beach​ Resort: Located on the southwest coast of Comoros, Galawa Beach Resort is the perfect spot for a peaceful getaway. With tranquil blue‍ waters ⁣and a stunning beachfront, it is a⁤ great ​place to relax ​and ‍just take‍ in the beauty of the sea.

7. Ngazidja Nature Reserve: This reserve is an important coastal wetlands region​ on the ​main island of Ngazidja. It is home⁢ to ⁢a wide ⁣variety of bird life, with more ​than 180 species ‌of birds recorded, ⁢making it ‌a ‌haven for bird watchers.

8. Iconic Landscapes of Mayotte: The distant French island of ‍Mayotte has some of ‌the⁣ most striking landscapes in the ‌Indian Ocean. ⁣Its coasts are ‍lined ‍with white sand beaches ⁢framed by limestone cliffs and coves ⁤flanked by comical-looking volcanic rocks.

9. Natural Sandbanks of Mohéli: The small island of Mohéli is home to some⁤ of the⁤ most beautiful sandbanks‌ in the Indian Ocean. From Neni Tsiona to ⁤Ouani,​ Pango Pass and others these sandbanks offer serene and tranquil ambiance,⁢ and if you‍ are lucky can also witness the feeding⁢ of sea turtles.

10.Changuu Island: Traditionally known as Prison’s Island, located off the coast of Maore, ‌Changuu Island ⁤is now an uninhabited island used as a wildlife park. Here, visitors can observe wild tortoises, mongooses and a wide variety of‍ bird species.

Comoros offers a​ unique holiday experience for those⁣ looking ⁣for ⁢untouched⁣ spots and ​plenty of natural beauty. Whether you ⁣are looking for outdoor activities or cultural and religious ​sites,‍ Comoros is surely⁣ a‍ must-see destination.

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