Discover the Best Hotels in Sudan: A Top 10 Guide.

Discover the Best Hotels in Sudan: A Top 10 Guide.

Discover the Best Hotels in Sudan: A Top 10 Guide.

Sudan is a captivating country full of amazing experiences and sights. From the beautiful coasts to the ancient medieval cities, it is easy to see why this Islamic jewel of a country is the perfect place to book a getaway. But choosing the right hotel is as essential as having the right guide. With this in mind, we’ve gathered the top 10 hotels in Sudan! Check out our guide below.

1. Rose Park International Hotel, Khartoum

This upscale hotel in Khartoum is in a great location, conveniently situated in the city center. It offers five-star accommodation, with well-furnished rooms and a full-service restaurant. Rose Park International Hotel also boasts an in-house spa and swimming pool for that extra bit of relaxation. You also get to enjoy free WiFi throughout the property.

2. Al Salam Rotana Al Salam Rotana Hotel & suites, Khartoum

This modern hotel in Khartoum offers great services and facilities for a comfortable stay. You can enjoy an incredible lounge, fitness center, and excellent dining facilities. With a selection of luxurious suites, you can always find something that fits your needs. There is also a wonderful outdoor pool and free WiFi available throughout the hotel.

3. Villa Nile, Khartoum

Another great hotel in Khartoum is Villa Nile. This four-star hotel is ideal for both business and leisure travelers. All the rooms are furnished with a modern look and feel, while the hotel provides an excellent internet connection and a great dining area. Plus, the friendly staff are always willing to assist with any request.

4. Sheraton Khartoum Hotel, Khartoum

This luxury hotel in Khartoum is known for its stunning architecture and views. It offers an excellent service to all its customers. You will find modern amenities, free WiFi, and the staff are trained to help you with all your needs. Plus, its restaurants and bars are famous for its delicious food and drinks!

5. Hotel Hilton, Khartoum

This upscale hotel in Khartoum is part of the renowned Hilton chain. The hotel provides an impeccable service and all the facilities you need for a pleasant stay. You definitely get the 5-star treatment all the way. Plus, if you are travelling with children, the hotel has special areas and facilities for them.

6. The Omdurman Palace Hotel, Omdurman

This luxurious hotel in Omdurman is located in a great position, close to important attractions. The hotel offers all the modern amenities and facilities you need. In addition, it has Mexican and African restaurants, bars, gym, and outdoor pool with amazing views.

7. Desert Olive Trees Hotel, Khartoum

This beautiful and comfort African hotel in Khartoum is the perfect refuge after a long day of sightseeing. You can choose between from a variety of rooms, with different styles and shapes. The hotel also provides a restaurant, outdoor pool, and free WiFi, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

8. Radisson Blu Hotel, Khartoum

This fantastic hotel in Khartoum is located near the city centre. It offers a superb service, with trained staff attending to all your needs. Plus, the hotel boasts high-class amenities, like an immense modern spa, health club, and pool. All its rooms are perfectly equipped and you can enjoy free WiFi throughout the hotel.

9. Berber Lodge, Berber

If you are looking for a peaceful place to stay, Berber Lodge is your best bet. This 3-star property located in the city of Berber offers an unbeatable quiet atmosphere along with all the modern amenities. Its rooms come with an amazing view of the city and you can enjoy free WiFi throughout the hotel.

10. Old Cataract Aswan Hotel, Aswan

This amazing five-star hotel in Aswan won’t have you wanting for anything. Old Cataract Aswan Hotel offers luxurious furnished rooms and a range of modern facilities, such as free WiFi, restaurant, and swimming pool. Plus, if you are a golf lover, there is a golf course just a few minutes away.

With this information, you can make your decision of the top 10 hotels in Sudan. Definitely, these hotels will provide you with an unforgettable experience or a perfect getaway. So, you don’t need to look any further. Enjoy your stay!

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