Explore The Best of Reunion With These Top 10 Hotels

Explore The Best of Reunion With These Top 10 Hotels

Explore The‌ Best of Reunion With These Top 10⁣ Hotels

Reunion, an ⁤island located in the Indian ⁤Ocean, ‌is already on ‍many traveler’s bucket-lists. With‍ its stunning scenery and ‌prime location, tourists come ⁣from​ far and wide to explore and appreciate ​the beauty of the island. To make the most of your Reunion experience, we’ve compiled⁤ a⁤ list ​of the top 10 hotels​ in​ the Reunion Island for⁤ you.

1. LUX* Saint-Gilles

Located in La Saline Les Bains,‌ on ⁢the west coast of⁢ the island, ​this sophisticated hotel offers a wonderful view ⁢of the⁤ Indian Ocean. It boasts 315 rooms and ⁤suites with tasteful ⁣designs and chic amenities to make your stay more ⁢comfortable. Plus, numerous activities ‌— such as culinary experiences, art workshops, golf, excursions — are provided⁣ to the guests.

2. La Réserve⁤ Le Marine

Nestled in ⁣a private ​cove in the Northern part of ​the island, La Réserve Le Marine‌ has a unique atmosphere.‌ This boutique hotel offers guests ‌a tranquil and serene setting with its 180° view⁢ of Grand Baie. It ⁣also features 10 luxurious suites,‌ a private beach, and a swimming ⁤pool.⁢ The hotel takes pride in its excellent cuisine prepared by⁣ talented chefs.

3.⁣ Le récif Attitude Hotel

This chic 4-star hotel has everything for ‌the perfect⁣ beach holiday. The‍ 80⁢ contemporary and beach-chic rooms‌ provide an ‌unbeatable view of the Indian Ocean. There is plenty to do here, ⁢such as visiting the nearby attraction or trying out the on-site water ⁤sports or activities. Plus, adventure-seekers can also explore the rural side‍ of Reunion with a range‌ of excursions.

4. Hotel Le Relais Créole

This 4-star luxury hotel‌ greets you with its main entrance set⁢ on a picturesque lake. Situated ‍in ⁤the East⁢ part of the island, Hotel⁢ Le Relais Créole is​ amidst lush vegetation. It features 77 tastefully⁢ decorated ‌rooms with spectacular⁤ sea and pool views. Also, feel free to indulge in various activities such as relaxing spa treatments, and nearby excursions.

5. Hotel‌ Les Marsouins

This 3-star hotel is situated in ‌the ​south-eastern part of the island, in La⁤ Saline les⁤ Bains. Its 71 rooms have been renovated​ in 2017, hence every room offers a great view of the Indian‌ Ocean.⁤ The hotel also⁢ gives you access to various⁤ activities such ​as⁤ scuba-diving,‌ off-road‍ safari, and other ​ocean ⁣adventures.

6. The Origine Resort and‌ Spa

The Origine Resort and Spa is‌ a 4-star hotel set in the south-west part of the Reunion Island. It offers spectacular views of‌ the stunning, unspoiled nature of Reunion. It features exquisite villas with modern amenities and on-site water activities for the guests. Lastly, it also features a luxurious spa ⁤and⁤ wellness center that offers a range of treatments.

7. Hôtel de la Plage

For​ a unique‌ beach holiday, Hôtel de la Plage is the ‌perfect destination. Located in Saint-Paul, in the west part of ⁢the Reunion ⁢Island, this 4-star hotel has 49‌ rooms, each with ​a terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean. The hotel‌ also offers a ⁢variety of activities such as swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing.

8. Hotel Dash

Hotel Dash is the ideal place‌ for those​ seeking a modern and⁤ comfortable stay. This 4-star ⁣hotel is⁤ situated in the popular‍ tourist destination ‍of⁤ Saint-Gilles-les-Bains. This modern and luxurious hotel has unique and stylish⁢ rooms with all the amenities, and provides its guests with ‌a variety of activities such as jet-skiing,⁢ beach volleyball, ‌and⁣ more.

9. Hotel le Brabant

This 4-star hotel situated in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains is a great ‍choice for ⁣those‍ wanting to⁤ enjoy an ‍active holiday. The range of rooms and private beach villas have been designed with ⁣the vibrant and lively energy‍ of⁤ the‌ local beach culture. Guests‌ can choose from a variety ​of activities ranging from kayaking to surfing, to make the most ​of their stay.

10. Hotel⁤ K 8​

Hotel K⁤ 8 is a 3-star beachfront hotel nestled⁣ in the La Saline les Bains region. It features 79 rooms that​ are well-furnished with modern amenities. The hotel’s beachfront‌ location ⁢provides stunning views ‍of⁤ the Indian Ocean. Hotel K 8 also provides its guests with interesting activities such as golf, beach-volley, sailing, jet skiing, and more.

Reunion Island has ⁣everything you need for a ⁢perfect beach ​holiday. ⁤Whether you’re looking⁤ for luxury accommodation or a taste of⁣ local culture, ⁣these hotels will make your stay ⁤all the more special. So, ‍what are you waiting for? Book ⁣one of these hotels⁤ now and plan​ your Reunion getaway.

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