Exploring Hidden Gems of Southern India: A Journey Through Kerala

Exploring Hidden Gems of Southern India: A Journey Through Kerala

Exploring Hidden Gems of ​Southern India: A Journey Through Kerala

Beautiful Kerala Background Kerala is one ⁣of the most beautiful states⁣ of India, and it deserves much more attention than it usually gets. Home ​to ⁣some of the most⁢ exquisite and historical⁣ sights, Kerala is the perfect place for ⁤travelers to explore. And what better way to experience it ⁤than to‌ embark ​on a journey through Kerala?⁣ Here is an ‌exploration of⁢ some ⁣of the hidden gems of southern ‍India found ⁢in Kerala!


The capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram is a city full of wonders. There‌ are several​ historical and cultural sites to explore, such‌ as the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Trivandrum zoo and Government⁣ Museum. Apart⁣ from ⁢these, you⁣ can also find many galleries and art⁤ spaces, like Greenix Village, showcasing local art and craft. If you’re ‌a foodie, ⁢you can taste the local cuisine at some of the city’s popular⁢ restaurants like Aditi, Oceanos, Swagath,​ and Kasavu.


A major port city, Kochi is another‍ top destination in Kerala. Here, you can find an amazing mix of traditional Indian, Chinese and‌ Portuguese ​cultures. One of the best ways to explore ‍Kochi ‌is to take a boat ride on the backwaters, especially the ‍Kochi Lake. Here you can ​find a⁢ myriad of species of birds and ⁢aquatic life. You ​can​ also explore the Fort Kochi beach, visit⁤ the Dutch ‌Palace, explore a Chinese Fishing⁤ Net and much more!


Kollam is a coastal city in ⁤the state of ⁢Kerala, renowned for its ancient temples. While in Kollam, you can explore the Asthamudi Lake, or take a boat ride in ⁢the Paravur Kayal.⁢ The Ashtamudi Temple and Thirumullavaram Beach are two of the most popular spots in the city. You can also​ find traditional local markets, visit the Kollam Palace, or go for a shopping spree at the Charalattu Market.


Wayanad​ is a beautiful hill station in the eastern Ghats of Kerala. Home to many trekking trails and viewpoints, ‍Wayanad is perfect for adventurers.⁤ Here, you can spot ⁣various wildlife species such as elephants, ⁣tigers, and deer. Wayanad has many man-made attractions ⁣such as the Chembra Peak, the Meenmutty ​Falls, and the Pookot Lake. You can also⁤ visit the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and the Edakkal Caves.

As⁢ you can see, ⁢there is plenty to explore and experience in Kerala! Embark on a journey through Kerala and discover its hidden gems. From hill⁣ stations to ancient temples, from ‌beaches to backwaters, there’s something for everyone in this majestic‌ state of India!

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